From Higgs physics to dark matter searches: the quest for precision at the LHC

Jonas Lindert (IPPP Durham)
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Aula Caldirola (Physics Dept., Milan U.)

The continuous improvement of statistics and experimental systematics at the
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) permits to challenge the Standard Model of particle
physics at steadily increasing levels of energy and precision. In this context,
the uncertainty of theoretical predictions starts to play a decisive role in many
areas of the physics program at the LHC. This provides a strong motivation to
push theoretical predictions towards more complex processes and higher
perturbative orders including QCD and electroweak corrections. In this talk, I
will briefly review the recent progress in perturbative calculations at the
precision frontier, followed by a discussion of crucial applications to Higgs
physics, top-quark physics and to background predictions in dark matter searches
at the LHC.

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