Building models for B physics anomalies

Dario Buttazzo (INFN Pisa)
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Sala Polvani (Physics Dept., Milan U.)

Several different experiments show evidences of Lepton Flavour Universality violation in semileptonic B
meson decays, both in charged and neutral currents. These anomalies can be interpreted in terms of
new short-distance interactions that involve mainly the third generation of fermions. I will first discuss
the present status of the anomalies, and their connection to other low- and high-energy observables, in
a model-independent way, adopting an Effective Field Theory approach based on a CKM-like flavour
structure. I will then extend the analysis to a few simple UV completions with different types of mediator, discussing the main issues that have to be faced in each case. A few models emerge, which look capable of accommodating both charged- and neutral-current anomalies consistently with all the experimental bounds, with associated flavour and high-pT signatures within the reach of present and future experiments.

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