Susy after LHC8 and the Z-peaked excess in goldstini scenarios

Alberto Mariotti (Vrije U., Brussels)
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Aula Caldirola

I will first review the current status of supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model after LHC8, and I will discuss the 3-sigma Z-peaked excess recently reported by the ATLAS collaboration. Then, after reviewing the usual paradigm for mediation of supersymmetry breaking, I will introduce scenarios with multiple supersymmetry breaking sectors in gauge mediation, characterised by the presence in the low energy spectrum of extra light fermionic degrees of freedom, the pseudo-goldstini. I will derive their radiatively induced mass and describe their interactions with the MSSM particles. Finally I will show how a simplified model in the MSSM with pseudo-goldstini can accommodate the Z-peaked ATLAS excess without conflicting with other existing LHC searches.

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