Threshold Cross Sections of Drell-Yan and Higgs at N^3LO QCD

Taushif Ahmed (IMSc, Chennai)
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Aula Caldirola

Precise theoretical predictions for Drell-Yan (DY) production of a pair of leptons and for the Higgs boson production at NNLO in pQCD play an important role in testing the Standard Model. The recent computation of the full threshold contribution to the production of the Higgs boson through gluon fusion at N^3LO by Anastasiou. et. al contains valuable information about the soft gluons resulting from virtual and real emission partonic subprocesses. In this talk, we will discuss how this information along with the factorization property of QCD amplitudes, renormalization group invariance and Sudakov resummation of form factors can be utilized to obtain the corresponding soft gluon contributions to DY production. This enables us to compute the full delta contribution, which was missing in the literature, and hereby give predictions of the DY cross section at threshold N^3LO at the LHC. On the same direction, we will see the production cross section of the Higgs boson through b--bar b annihilation can also be computed at this accuracy. In addition, this elegant formalism can also be extended to compute the rapidity distributions in the DY and Higgs boson productions at N^3LO QCD.

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